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Our kindergarten readiness begins in the earliest years and builds each year to Pre-Kindergarten classes that prepare children for success in public and private schools.  With this program, we are confident that each child will have an early education foundation that instills confidence, knowledge and self-assurance; giving them the building blocks for success and a lifelong love of learning.

After careful research, we have chosen the Creative Curriculum for our classrooms.   This nationally recognized curriculum is “the country’s leading comprehensive, scientifically based curriculum for preschool.”   In addition, Creative Curriculum is the winner of the 2008 Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers.

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The Creative Curriculum® For Infants, Toddlers & Twos

The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers & Twos helps the teacher to plan and implement every aspect of caring for the children in our program, from managing daily routines, to creating a responsive environment, to building partnerships with families.


Our priority with each infant is to provide a safe, nurturing environment. Each infant is assigned a primary caregiver to promote bonding and foster communication with each parent. All teachers participate in an extensive training program that includes the principles of child development. Infants are allowed to follow their own sleeping and eating patterns. The classroom is rich with areas for rolling over, crawling and learning to stand. Teachers expose the children to reading, music and gross motor skills opportunities and encourage them to use all of their senses.

Preschool Curriculum Spring Hill, TN


Toddlers are active learners, moving towards increased independence as new skills emerge.  A consistent schedule, nurturing and patient teachers, and a safe environment rich in activities are key to our excellent toddler/two programs.  Promoting language development, learning self help skills, and developing inner controls and positive social skills are goals for the toddler years.

We want your child to learn about self and feelings, other people and communicating and develop thinking skills.  Games, toys, music and activities are designed to encourage your child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth.

Routines are important and reassuring to young children.  The classroom schedule, lesson plan and calendar are posted so that you may talk to your child about their day continue the learning at home.  Sing the songs, say the rhymes, talk about the colors, shapes, concepts like over/under. Your child will be proud to share with you what they have learned each day.

Creative Curriculum for Preschool

The Creative Curriculum For Preschool

The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool forms the basis of our fully integrated program for 3- to 5-year-old children. Nationally known for its forward-thinking, comprehensive, and rigorously researched model, this unique approach helps the teachers successfully plan and implement a content-rich, developmentally appropriate program that supports active learning and promotes children’s progress in all developmental areas.

Preschoolers are independent and eager learners.  Our philosophy, supported by current research, is that preschoolers learn best by “doing”, or through interative play in an environment that is rich in experiences and exploratory opportunities.  In the Preschool and Pre-K classrooms, each day has a schedule that includes group times (circle time, story time, etc.) as well as center or child choice time.  The planned activities encourage language development, mathematical reasoning and scientific thought.

The Children’s Academy and Hospitots have worked with kindergarten teachers and the local schools to develop a Pre-K curriculum that prepares children for kindergarten.,  The Pre-K classroom activities are organized to emphasize readiness for developing reading and writing skills

Classroom Interest Areas Include:

  • Books and Language
  • Math and Pre-writing
  • Music and Rhythm
  • Art
  • Blocks and Building
  • Dramatic Play
  • Fine Motor Activities
  • Sand and Water Play
  • Science and Nature
  • Personal and Social Skills


Congratulations to THE Children’s Academy at Hospitots, THE Children’s Academy at Franklin, and THE Children’s Academy at Spring Hill for achieving national accreditation by The Association for Early Learning Leaders through the National Accreditation Commission.

THE Children’s Academys have chosen to seek accreditation as a validation of the quality of our programs. Less than 10% of all programs in the United States are accredited. We congratulate the faculty and administration for obtaining this prestigious designation and commend these early childhood professionals on their commitment to excellence.

What Does Accreditation Mean?

As defined by the National Child Care Information and Technical Assistance Center, “Accreditation is a voluntary process designed to improve the quality of early and school-age care programs. Accreditation systems require programs to meet standards that exceed minimum state regulatory requirements. Achieving accreditation involves extensive self-study and validation by professionals outside the program to verify that quality standards are met. Research has demonstrated that accreditation positively impacts early and school-age care program quality, including benefits to children, families, and staff.”

For more information on accreditation, visit the National Accreditation

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We welcome visitors! Parents, children, grandparents, and friends are invited to tour and learn about our program.

To allow you adequate time and attention, we ask that you schedule your tour in advance. Mornings between 9 and 11 are the best time to see our classrooms at their most active.

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