Why is Creative Preschool Curriculum Important?

It can be a challenge for parents of young children to find the perfect preschool. We place a lot of importance on this developmental stage. This is your child’s first experience in an educational setting. A lot of parents see preschool as the foundation of their child’s academic development. That’s why parents want to find a curriculum that provides all of the necessary tools for their children to excel now and in the future. However, it’s important to not get caught up with standards of math and reading alone. Creativity has proven to be an essential element in today’s early education programs in Franklin, TN. There are a number of benefits that children will receive from a curriculum that puts creativity at the forefront. Here are just a few reasons why preschool children need creativity in their curriculums.


Emotional development has just begun to mark itself as one of the most important components that parents want to see in a classroom setting. They want their children to understand patience, compassion, and kindness just as much as they want them to be able to identify colors and numbers. Emotional development is strongly encouraged in creative play. Remember, at these young ages, they’re not fully ready to use language to express themselves. Through activities that involve music, dance, art, creative play, and other activities, children can start to understand their own emotional boundaries. They can express themselves through their emotions and learn how their emotions can affect other people.


Some parents are fearful that too much music, art, and dance can take away from their child’s intellectual development. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Creative play allows a child to practice problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They can learn how to analyze, measure, and explore through creativity and imagination. In addition, they want to start to associate learning with fun. In preschools with creative curriculums, children enjoy learning the notes to a new song, exploring with colors, or expressing themselves through dance. All of these activities enhance intellectual development as well as creative development at this stage.

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Of course, creative play is a great way for children to learn how to interact. They can understand sharing achievements with their classmates. They can learn how to support one another on tough days. When they have the freedom to explore their imaginations through creative curriculums, they also get a chance to flex their social skills. Social development is very important for children who are starting to interact with peers for the first time. Creative play is the best way for them to create these connections and make friends that will last a lifetime.

If this kind of curriculum sounds like something you want your child to be exposed to, you’re not the only one. Parents are becoming increasingly interested in the power of creativity in their children’s preschool curriculums.

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