Why Art Is Essential for Your Child

Preschooler in Spring Hill, TN painting on easel

Art is one of those subjects that often gets overlooked. Many parents and school administrators will push for a focus on topics such as reading, writing, science, and math and make art or music curriculum as secondary. While these core subjects are important, the role of art in child growth and development shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, art can provide a ton of essential developmental benefits for children of all ages, but especially young children beginning preschool. Those who specialize in childcare in Springhill, TN, have caught on to these research-backed benefits and have started to incorporate more art-focused curriculums for preschool-age children. Here are just a few of these developmental benefits that art can have on a young mind.

Boosts Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

When children are given the opportunity to explore and experiment with art, they’re also opening up their minds to creative problem solving and critical thinking. They have a chance to play with artistic tools, paints, colors, textures, and many other things that can foster their curiosity and ability to solve problems on their own. When young children create, they’re also learning. They’re learning how different elements come together to form new things, new colors, or new visuals.

Promotes Language Development

Art can also promote speech and language development. Art lessons open the door to new vocabulary words and phrases. Preschoolers can practice saying basic colors, shapes, or actions. They can explore new words to help them describe their artwork. Remember that we learn to express ourselves in early childhood! Art is a terrific way to encourage a young child to share thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

Enhances Creativity

Of course, art in preschool also helps to boost a young child’s creativity. High levels of creativity can benefit children in many different ways. Creativity can help increase learning in core subjects such as writing, reading, and math. Creativity can even promote social skills as well! Creative minds are minds that are always working, learning, and exploring.

Encourages Independence

Toddlers that are exposed to art are more likely to be independent and have a strong sense of self. Creating something beautiful, colorful, or extraordinary can be a huge confidence booster for a young child. Confidence helps children feel more secure and independent. Creating something unique is a very rewarding experience and can be a powerful influence on self-esteem.

Helps Develop Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Art is also a great way to help toddlers develop their motor skills. The actions used in painting, coloring, drawing, or using scissors, are all movements that are great exercises for little hands and bodies! Learning to hold a paintbrush and make a circle may sound simple, but for a preschooler, it’s all about motor skill development and getting those tiny muscles moving. Learning to draw, paint, and cut can also help with the dexterity required in writing.

These are just a few reasons why art should be an essential part of a child’s life. THE Children’s Academy is committed to using art and creative expression as a resource for young children. If you’d like to learn more about how art is used at our preschool in Springhill, TN, contact a representative from THE Children’s Academy today!

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