What Are the Top Preschool Myths?

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about preschool that are perpetuated by TV shows, movies, and even social media. And while some of these misconceptions are easy to spot, others are quite believable if you’ve never had a child in preschool before. If you’re considering enrolling your child in preschool and want to know if what you’ve heard is true, keep reading to learn about some of the most common myths about preschool in Franklin, TN.

There’s No Advantage to It

Many people will tell you that enrolling a child in preschool offers them no benefits when they enter kindergarten or throughout the rest of their education. In fact, preschool helps to encourage a love of learning from a young age and introduces them to reading, writing, counting, and basic scientific concepts. Additionally, it introduces your child to a classroom setting before throwing them into an all-day kindergarten environment, allowing them to adjust to the classroom more gradually and preventing behavioral issues.

The Benefits Fade Quickly

Others may tell you that the benefits of preschool are real, but that any head start your child gets will be “washed out” by the end of kindergarten. But children who attend preschool continue to perform better in numerous subjects throughout their education. They are less likely to require special education programs, have improved retention of subjects taught in the classroom, and are more likely to graduate high school than those that don’t attend a formal preschool.

It’s Just Babysitting

Because children attending preschool are quite young, many misguided individuals believe that preschool teachers are little more than glorified babysitters. This is extremely untrue. While your child may participate in games and other forms of play at preschool, every activity is centered on teaching them important and valuable skills.

They’ll sing songs that help them learn to count. They’ll color pictures that teach them about butterfly lifecycles or other scientific concepts. And, most importantly, they’ll develop social skills, a sense of independence, higher self-esteem, and better communication skills with both their peers and the adults around them.

Small Children in Class

Preschool Can Be Done at Home

While a parent can offer a great deal of support and encouragement in their preschooler’s learning, it’s not quite the same as preschool. Preschool teachers are trained educators that have taken courses to help them guide children through early educational development.

Additionally, your child is surrounded by their peers at preschool, giving them opportunities to work on their social skills, communication with peers, and teamwork and cooperation – all of which are vital when they enter a classroom setting in kindergarten. As a parent, you can and should be helping your child to learn at home, but preschool will still offer your preschooler numerous benefits that you simply can’t achieve in an at-home setting.

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