Top Reasons to Enroll your Child in a Preschool

A University of Washington study suggests that a child’s self-esteem is nearly fully developed by the time he or she reaches the age of 5. Because research shows that self-esteem is relatively consistent throughout a person’s life, creating a strong foundation for a child’s self-worth should begin early. While the years a child spends at home with his or her family are the starting blocks to building character, the right preschool can strengthen those blocks.


The best preschools offer the perfect mix of structure and play, giving students an opportunity to learn practical skills. Perhaps as importantly, a well-led preschool program will offer your child tasks so he or she can develop personal goals. For example, children develop a sense of accomplishment and purpose when they are tasked with cleaning up a play area. This sense of purpose helps in the formation of healthy self-esteem.


High-quality preschools foster a love of learning by finding creative ways for preschoolers to begin exploring math concepts, understanding the idea of reading, and fostering skills that will eventually lead to the ability to write. A top Franklin, TN, preschool will, for example, help students sort materials into separate groups, helping a student begin to understand classification. The teacher might help students group items by shape, teaching students to compare. In the best preschool programs, students learn to listen to stories and talk about them, skills necessary for literacy. They begin to develop rhyming skills and use art time to begin creating shapes, a skill that will eventually lead to recognizing and writing letters of the alphabet.


Social development is one of the top reasons parents consider placing their children in quality preschools. In a preschool setting, students have the opportunity to learn to work with their peers and with teachers. The students play and learn together, and this contact assists in building social skills as well as language skills. In the best schools, students also learn how to resolve conflicts.


Preschoolers are still learning motor skills, and at a quality school, they’ll have the chance to improve their large motor skills—moving their arms and legs—through play both indoors and outdoors. They’ll also improve their small motor skills. Grasping crayons, folding paper, and other classroom activities will provide students with opportunities to fine-tune their small motor skills under the watchful eye of a preschool teacher.

Franklin TN Preschool Kids on playground


Working with others in a variety of ways is a great way to help your child develop emotionally. In a preschool setting, your child will work with teachers and students during play and while learning. A quality teacher will provide tasks your child can try and conquer, helping to build self-esteem. Meanwhile, during play, your child will begin to learn how to understand his or her own feelings and how to build relationships with their peers.

Building social skills and improving emotional, physical, and academic development are key reasons to consider enrolling your child in a quality preschool in Franklin, TN. The best programs will not only lay the foundation for becoming a student, but they will also build character and assist in the development of self-esteem. If you’re searching for the right preschool in which to enroll your child, check out THEChildren’s Academy in Franklin, Columbia and Spring Hill, TN.