Things Your Child Will Learn in a Preschool

Your child’s preschool years represent a developmental era that can impact future trajectory in social, physical, and academic terms. Development during this time in a child’s life is critical for future success and competency, so it’s important that skills are taught and learned to provide your child with a solid foundation. In this regard, preschool learning programs in Spring Hill, TN, can play a valuable role in the young life of your child by providing structured learning that will hone key skills critical for future adaptation and growth.

A great preschool in Spring Hill, TN, can set your child on a course to academic, physical, social, and emotional development in just a few hours per day if the program is properly structured and implemented. Preschool teachers can help your child master skills that will propel his or her development forward beyond the limitations of age. Keep reading to learn more about some of the things your child can learn in preschool that will aid in development.


The preschool years represent a pivotal age for developing mastery of the human body. Complex motor skills are only beginning to develop, so the preschool years are a prime time for children to hone both small motor skills such as using their digits for complex tasks and large motor skills such as running or climbing. Physical activity provided in preschools can help develop strength, balance, and coordination, while activities such as painting or assembling puzzles can help kids develop fine motor skill and control of their hands.


Children who grow up learning alongside other children tend to be well-adapted socially. They learn to communicate with one another, cooperate on joint tasks through play, and engage in socially beneficial habits like sharing. Playing with other children in preschool also offers lessons in problem solving and conflict resolution that can be helpful as your child grows and develops. Self-control is another important lesson that is taught in preschool, as children must learn to abide by rules and understand how their actions impact others.


As an extension of their social development, children in preschool also get ample opportunities to develop emotionally. Children get a chance to engage with their feelings and learn how their actions make others feel. Preschool teachers can help children develop emotionally by praising good deeds, compassion, and excellence in performance, which will likewise build self-esteem. Children can also learn compassion for their classmates through the preschool setting.

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Many children are only just learning to speak clearly when they enter preschool, and teachers can help speed their linguistic development significantly. Preschool provides children with a living classroom. They can learn from hearing their teachers speak, absorb foundational lessons presented in class, and then try those new skills out among their classmates. The process accelerates language development and gives children a solid foundational understanding of language and sounds before entering kindergarten.


While children are still developing their thinking skills, preschool instruction can help them accelerate their cognitive development. Preschool encourages children to explore and ask questions, which in turn provides ample opportunity for deep thought, comprehension, and problem solving. Preschool teachers will provide interesting learning materials to your child and give them time to think about the themes presented. They will also use play and directed questions to lead children to explore further and think about materials more deeply. This can prewire children for success in the classroom setting by teaching the basic framework for educational exploration and understanding.

For your child, you should consider finding a quality preschool program to enhance your child’s development in many key areas. To learn more about the things your child will learn in a quality preschool, visit THE Children’s Academy in Spring Hill, TN. or our preschool in Franklin, TN.