Why Preschool is so Important for Your Child

Like all levels of education, preschool plays an essential role in the growth and development of a child. Children gain a lot from attending preschool for this is where they will be exposed to letters, numbers, shapes, and most importantly, other children. Preschool provides the opportunity for children to not develop educationally, but socially and emotionally as well. Many studies show that children who attend a reputable preschool, show better reading skills, stronger vocabularies, and great basic math skills when they enter higher levels of education (source). Typically, children attend preschool when they are 2-3 years old, and at this age, they are ‘sponges’–absorbing every little thing they see and hear. At the age where they are so impressionable, it’s so important to get them involved with early education. Here are a few reasons why preschool is so important for your child.


Preschool offers the tools for children to learn the fundamentals of early education while expanding their social skills. In preschool, teachers offer plenty of fun games, activities, and learning lessons that will help children learn their ABC’s and 123’s with other students. The social skills that they learn in preschool are something they will use for the rest of their lives–growing and developing as they do. 


While preschool teaches children the basics, it also prepares them for higher levels of education. A top-quality preschool will cover pre-math and pre-literacy skills that your child will need as the ascend the latter of education. 


One issue that many teachers see in elementary school is a child’s struggle with conforming to a structured setting. This typically happens in children who didn’t attend preschool or any form of early education. However, for children who were in preschool, they were exposed to a structured setting and, therefore, have an easier transition to elementary school. Preschool provides students with a structured setting where they learn how to raise their hand before speaking, take turns, and ask questions when they need help. 


Social and emotional growth is essential in a child’s overall development. In preschool, your child will have the ability to learn how to make friends, how to share, how to be respectful, solve problems, and so much more. During this stage, they will also learn self-confidence, how to play with others, and explore. All these things are more are so important for a child to experience before they reach higher levels of early education. 

Most importantly, preschool offers the perfect opportunity for children to have fun while learning new things and meeting new people. With an excellent preschool education, your children will be fully prepared for elementary school both socially and educationally.