How to Keep Kids Active in the Summer

Many parents these days are concerned about the amount of time their children spend indoors in front of the television and engaged with electronic devices. While there’s nothing wrong with a little indoor fun, children of all ages need plenty of physical activity to boost their health and develop their minds. During the summer when kids are out of school, it’s especially important to encourage your children to stay active outdoors and in the community. This can lead to continued social, emotional, and physical development when classes aren’t in session.

But how do parents gently encourage their kids to stay active during the summer months? In many cases, it’s a matter of providing your kids with a variety of engaging, enriching activities that will keep their minds working and build their skills. While it may seem challenging to develop a list of things to do, in many cases it’s as easy as enrolling your children in day care and preschool or finding community activity offerings that interest your child. For older kids, that can include swimming lessons, art classes, and sports. For younger children, you can find a daycare in Spring Hill, TN, that can help your kids enjoy the summer months. But you can also plan your own activities and build them around family fun. Read on to learn more about a few of the activities you can use to keep your kids active this summer.


Your children will follow the example you set, so lead by being active during the summer yourself. Instead of sitting around the house on the weekends, start a family project outdoors such as gardening. Gardening is ideal because it provides tasks that everyone can perform regardless of age, ability, or experience. You also can plan a trip to the park to play catch or chart a course for a simple hike in the hills or bike ride at the beach. Regardless of the setting or specific activity, just getting your kids outdoors to engage in physical activity as a family will create fond memories that will influence their future habits.


Many communities offer summer activities designed to keep kids engaged through the summer months. Not only will they allow your kids to hone their skills as artists or athletes, but they’ll also provide critical opportunities to develop social skills and learn how to interact with others. Many community activities for kids are low-cost or free, so keeping your children involved doesn’t have to cost you a mint.

daycare spring hill TN Geocaching


Another way to get kids of all ages active in the summer is through various forms of scavenger hunts. Everyone enjoys the thrill of the chase, regardless of age. You can use that to get your kids off the couch, out from in front of the television, and into the great outdoors. For younger kids, you can plan a simple scavenger hunt around the yard and invite neighbors’ children and playdate buddies. You can turn it into a party with simple refreshments and prizes. Or, you can engage older kids through geocaching, which utilizes technology while replicating the thrill of a traditional scavenger hunt.


Another way to get kids involved and active is by involving them in the planning of events. You can do that in a way that goes beyond the mundane by creating an activity list or calendar. Let everyone participate in creating the list by asking each member of the family to come up with one activity for each week or month of the summer. The only rule is that the activity must involve the outdoors and it must involve some type of physical activity, even if it’s just walking. Compile the list of submissions, then vote on which ones you want to do each week. You’ll be surprised how enthusiastic your kids will be, and you may develop some lifelong memories in the process. Keeping your kids active during the summer months isn’t difficult if you give it a little forethought and plan.

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