How Preschool Helps in Your Child’s Development

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child has every possible advantage to aid in their development. This is especially important in their early years before they even begin formal schooling, which is why preschool is so important for your child. Keep reading to learn how preschool supports your child’s development. And if you’re looking to enroll your preschooler in the best preschool in Franklin, TN, contact THE Children’s Academy today!

Academic Development

If you’ve never enrolled a child in preschool before, academic growth is likely where most of your concerns are placed. You want your child to get a head start on the things that they’ll be learning in kindergarten. And, while this may not be the primary benefit of preschool, it will certainly be one of the many developmental benefits you’ll notice.

Your child will gain knowledge and skills in many academic topics, including letter and number recognition, counting, basic scientific concepts, and more. They’ll also learn skills like recognizing the value of different types of money and following instructions. Additionally, your child will be exposed to a more structured classroom setting, helping them to be prepared for the structure of a kindergarten classroom.

Social Development

Social skills are one of the more important skills that your child will develop by attending preschool. Many young children (especially those who are the eldest or an only child) aren’t frequently exposed to other children their age, and so they struggle with social concepts like sharing, cooperation, and communication.

Preschool puts your child in a setting where they are surrounded by their peers and expected to cooperate and get along with them. Your child will experience exceptional social development as they learn to communicate with their peers, cooperate on tasks, and solve conflicts.

Emotional Development

Your child will also develop important emotional skills by attending preschool. They’ll become more confident and independent because they’ll be put in a setting where they can’t always ask mom or dad to step in and complete a task for them. This confidence is vital to their development later in life, encouraging them to take risks and experience things they may have otherwise never experienced. They’ll also learn to become more empathetic towards those around them and will have ample opportunities to practice being respectful to others.

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Physical Development

While you may have been extremely focused on your child’s physical development during their infancy and toddler years – marking important milestones like rolling over, lifting their head, crawling, and walking for the first time – you’ve likely stopped being as obsessed over it as they’ve gotten older. However, their physical development isn’t complete yet. Your child will work on fine motor skills and gross motor skills alike through various activities at preschool, helping them to become stronger, healthier, and more coordinated.

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