How Circle Time at Preschool Benefits Children

Attending preschool is an important step in your child’s mental and emotional development. There are several activities and programs at every extended care facility and preschool in Franklin, TN, that help children enhance social skills and improve focus. Circle time is an extremely popular and successful activity used to help your preschooler communicate better and make friends. Here are a few more ways circle time benefits preschool children.

Encourage Cooperation

Circle time is an activity used by the best preschools to give your child the tools they need to develop positive relationships with their classmates. The program is led by the teacher, who sits in a circle with their students and helps them work on five key skills: thinking, listening, looking, speaking, and concentrating. Circle time allows teachers and students to talk about how to solve issues that are affecting the class, like talking too much during lessons or a classmate being picked on. Your child will also participate in activities that focus on teaching children how to work together by engaging with and listening to one another. Overall, circle time helps teach preschool children the importance of unity, respect, taking turns, and cooperating to achieve a shared vision.

Improve Social Skills

One of the most important skills your child will need throughout their lives is socialization. Circle time is one of the best ways to help children build positive social skills. Circle time offers your child ample opportunities to learn how to interact with adults and other children outside the home. Your child will also learn about themselves and how they’re connected to their teacher, parents, and other children.

Enhance Listening Skills

Another extremely important skill your child will learn is how to listen to others. During circle time, your child will sit and listen to what their teachers and classmates are saying. This teaches children how to pay closer attention to, and think about, what others are trying to communicate to them. This helps your child learn to respect the boundaries and limitations of their teacher and peers along with understanding the importance of following rules.

Preparation for School

During circle time, your child will learn how to take turns, develop patience, and understand time. Children will need these skills as they continue to grow, particularly at school. Children participate in circle time activities, such as learning new songs and dances and completing projects using various materials and other stimuli. This helps your child become more aware of how they and other people interact with the world and each other through physical, sensory, and language-based experiences.

Teacher and students standing circle

Develop Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Learning new songs and dances during circle time also helps your child develop important motor skills they will need for the rest of their life. Singing and dancing helps children learn fine motor skills including rhythm, coordination, counting, and dexterity. Additionally, dancing helps children learn gross motor skills, such as turning and jumping. These and other physical activities can also be used to create a fun way for children to get exercise and develop strong, healthy minds and bodies.

Parent Participation

Participating in circle time with your child at their preschool is extremely beneficial to both of you. Children enjoy activities more when their parents join them. Plus, you get an opportunity to set a positive example for your child and help them improve their skills. When you play and have fun with your child, your bond will grow and intensify.

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