Tips for Preparing Your Child for the First Day at Preschool

The big day is almost here: your child’s first day of preschool! While this can be exciting, it can also be very stressful for parents and children. For a lot of children, preschool will be the first time that they will spend a significant amount of time away from their parents and home. This can lead to a bit of anxiety. However, you can ease their transition by helping them prepare for full-day preschool in Franklin, TN, and showing them that there’s nothing to worry about. Use the tips below to help your child get ready for preschool.


Before the first day of school arrives, talk to your child and let them know what they can expect during their first day and throughout the school year. Children are naturally curious and eager to learn new things, so this is a great way to get them excited for school. Likewise, if your child is nervous, knowing what will happen can do a lot to ease their nerves. This knowledge will help them to feel more confident and comfortable when getting used to their new environment.


This is another great way to teach your child what to expect from preschool. The transition may be more difficult for some children than others. Helping your child to get familiar with the school can help them to feel more relaxed. Schedule a tour at the new school or take advantage of the other visiting opportunities offered by the childcare center. You can also schedule a playdate with another new student, so your child will already have a friend in class.


In most cases, getting ready for school and heading out at a set time every day will be new for your child. Practice waking up on time and getting prepared starting the week before the beginning of school. Set the alarm and help them get accustomed to their new schedule. If their new wake-up time is earlier than usual, you may need to set an earlier bedtime to compensate.

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If your child is nervous about their first day, help them visualize the day before it happens. Make it into a story.  Encourage them to imagine meeting their teacher, finding their hook or cubby space, playtime, lunchtime and go through what a day may entail.  This way, you can ease their nerves by letting them know that there is nothing for them to worry about. Your child will feel more empowered and will be less likely to get upset on the first day.


Children are very perceptive, and they pick up on your feelings easily. If you are sad or worried about your child going to preschool, your child may believe that they should be sad or worried too. Be sure to keep your nerves in check and stay positive, especially around your child.


Instead of rushing around in the morning, pick out your child’s outfit, and pack their lunch the night before. Encourage your kid to help you, so they feel more involved in the process.

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