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Enrollment Procedures

Parents must submit a pre-enrollment application for the school of your choice.

The school will review your request and reply with availability and further instructions to enroll your child and pay the registration fee.

Applications for unborn children are accepted with a due date and the date they expect to begin child care. These are placed on the waiting list (see waiting list policy below). Please keep the SCHOOL staff updated with any changes to due date and provide the date of birth as soon as possible, so we can begin planning for your child’s enrollment.

Offers of enrollment are made during the SCHOOL visit or by telephone and confirmed by submitting the enrollment fee and completion of enrollment forms. If there is a waiting list for the age group in which you require care, enrollment will be offered according to the SCHOOL’s waiting list policy (see page 7). However, priority will be given to children whose siblings already are enrolled at the SCHOOL. Full time children have priority over part time and drop ins.

Enrollment in employer sponsored programs are subject to verification of employment and satisfaction of eligibility terms.

Registration Procedures

Upon acceptance of an enrollment offer, parents will complete a registration packet to provide the following information that will help us help your child adjust to out-of-home care: 

  • Enrollment Application*
  • Copy of the child’s physical examination *
  • Original of the child’s immunization record *
  • 2 Emergency contact cards*
  • Infant Sleep Policy (if applicable)
  • Developmental information form
  • Allergy alert form*
  • Parental Agreement form*
  • Parent Consent form
  • Payroll Deduction Authorization form

(*Required by the State of Tennessee Child Care Licensing Program, which monitors and licenses childcare centers) 

To ensure that our computerized records remain up-to-date, parents must advise the SCHOOL of any changes to the following information: 

  • Phone numbers where you can be reached during the day
  • Home and work addresses
  • Names of persons authorized to pick up your child in the event you are detained
  • Names of authorized persons to be contacted in the event your child becomes ill or injured
  • Changes to your child’s schedule
  • Any information that would help your child’s teacher provide the best care possible for your

Pre-enrollment Interview

No one knows more about the children we care for than their parents/family do. Therefore, we schedule an pre-enrollment interview with each parent/guardian to obtain important information that will help us best care for your child. During the interview, you will spend time with your child’s primary teacher, tour the facility, complete any necessary paperwork, and review SCHOOL procedures. 

Please be candid regarding your expectations and provide as much information as possible about your child that will help us meet his or her needs. Your input is both welcome and vital.


Gradual Enrollment

One of the best ways to facilitate your child’s adjustment is to plan for gradual enrollment. Young children have little experience with change and often need extra time to adjust and develop a bond with their teacher.

Experience shows that gradual enrollment can make a world of difference in your child’s adjustment and provide you with a level of comfort regarding our abilities to care for your child.


Waiting List

When the SCHOOL reaches maximum capacity enrollment for each age group, we will implement a waiting list. Our goal is to meet the needs of as many parents as possible in a fair and timely manner. By signing this policy, your child’s name will be added to the waiting list. This does not guarantee space for your child at any time. 

As a space becomes available, we will begin calling the waiting list in the order they visited the SCHOOL and submitted the Waiting List Policy form. The space will be offered to each family on the list, in order, until it is accepted for immediate enrollment.  The process will be repeated as subsequent spaces become available.  If you do not need the space at that time and do not accept enrollment, the next person on the list will be called, etc. Your name will remain on the waiting list and you will be called until you accept a space or ask to be removed from the list. 

You do not have a guaranteed space until you accept enrollment and begin paying for the space.

Come Visit Us

We welcome visitors! Parents, children, grandparents, and friends are invited to tour and learn about our program.

To allow you adequate time and attention, we ask that you schedule your tour in advance. Mornings between 9 and 11 are the best time to see our classrooms at their most active.

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