Benefits of Physical Activity in Preschool

With the increased use of screens, such as phones, tablets, or TVs to entertain and educate children, it’s common to question if your child is getting enough physical activity. It’s an important question to ask yourself as well as your child’s preschool administration. While some parents are more concerned about their child engaging in math or reading, physical activity is just as important as these other lessons in early childhood development. There are enormous benefits of free play and exercise in preschool! Here are just a few of the reasons why it’s so important to have a steady physical activity routine at your child’s preschool.

Better Physical Health

The first and most obvious benefit is the fact that it’s good for their little bodies! Physical activity helps them to stay at a healthy weight and build strong bones and muscles. It’s also essential for their cardiovascular fitness. Physical activity also regulates their blood pressure, reduces blood sugar levels, and helps balance out their energy levels. When preschool age children get a lot of time to play outside, they’re more likely to be active teens and adults. They might even find a sport or exercise that they truly enjoy and can stick with during their elementary or high school years. Essentially, physical activity at this age is just as important as physical activity for a teenager or adult. It can build a foundation for a great relationship with sports and exercise for the rest of their lives.

Builds Social and Emotional Skills

A key benefit of physical activity that some parents overlook is the fact that it builds emotional and social skills. When a child is engaging in physical activity with friends, they’re learning more about each other, how to cooperate, share, and have fun. Children who have regular physical activity at their preschool can build better relationships and be more positive both on the playground and inside the classroom. This developmental stage is the perfect time for children to understand good sportsmanship. They can understand the emotional effects of winning and losing. They can learn the emotional and social skills they need to support one another. This can help them avoid bullying-like behavior when they reach elementary school.

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Helps Them Focus

Lastly, physical fitness can help build your child’s cognitive skills. Research shows us that engaging in regular play throughout the day has a significant effect on the brain. It can help your child focus and stay engaged during their lessons. If you’re having a hard time getting your child to pay attention, try taking a break for physical exercise or free play. This can help them burn off some energy and feel ready to try again. More importantly, make sure that their preschool in Franklin, TN, has a strong physical activity program. THE Children’s Academy understands the importance of physical fitness at this critical developmental stage. If you’re not impressed with the academic or physical activity programs at your child’s school, it’s important to make a change right away. Contact the friendly educators at THE Children’s Academy today to learn more about preschool learning programs and how they use creativity and physical activity to help your child flourish! We have two locations in Franklin, TN. and Spring Hill, TN.