A Guide to Different Types of Preschool

Toddler with Camera at Preschool in Franklin, TN.

High-quality early education is important for children, especially in the first 5 years of their lives. The environment to which they’re exposed can greatly impact how they think, act, and feel as they age.

That’s why you must enroll your child in a trusted preschool with extended care. Many children enhance their first 5 years at home before traditional education begins. In preschool , children can experience classes about music and arts and perform various sun safe activities for preschoolers that help further shape their minds.

To cater to the children’s different learning styles and capabilities, good preschool programs use flexible approaches to guide and support each child throughout their time in school. Continue reading to learn about them.

Reggio Emilia

Reggio Emilia was developed by Loris Malaguzzi in Italy in the 1940s. This approach believes that children are full of curiosity that drives their passion for learning and discovering new things. It also encourages each child to express themselves, their ideas, and their interests.

In Reggio Emilia schools, students are encouraged to communicate through words, actions, drawings, and in other ways. They can use any material or method to convey their questions, thoughts, and feelings. Preschool programs like THE Children’s Academy provide a similar learning approach, providing children with a stimulating sensory environment, freedom to interact with content-rich activities, and bonding exercises to encourage confidence for their future. Modern preschool programs that follow this method help spur creative growth potential from children.

High Scope

While TCA doesn’t offer this learning curriculum, or any of the others provided, below, in this article, we realize that children have different learning styles and that no singular method is precisely perfect for everyone. We advise that you do more research into the various learning styles that may be most appropriate for your child.

High Scope uses the active participatory learning approach, where the student collaborates with the teacher to create their personal “curriculum.” The child communicates their goals and how they want to achieve them. The results of every accomplishment are then reviewed.

Preschool facilities that follow the High Scope approach also provide opportunities for learning basic subjects, such as math and science, to develop early academic skills.


The Montessori approach was developed by an Italian physician named Maria Montessori based on her observation that children learned best in a free environment. Here, they can choose the activity that sparks their interest and then work on it at their own pace.

This type of preschool allows children to explore and learn concepts independently to gain valuable life skills. Students can use toys, or “manipulatives,” like building blocks and puzzles to encourage curiosity.

Parent Co-Ops

As the name suggests, parents are directly and actively involved in their children’s education. They serve as co-teachers and even facilitate the class for at least a day, every week.

Their presence inside the classroom can help build their children’s trust and confidence during the lessons. It’s also an opportunity for parents to observe how their child interacts with other students. Not only will this be their chance to be part of their children’s early education experience, but it’ll also be a gathering of like-minded parent educators.


The Waldorf approach was developed by Austrian writer and scientist Rudolf Steiner in the 1910s. With this program, children learn in a structured yet home-like setting with a repetitive or predictable routine. It aims to develop their soul, body, and spirit.

In a Waldorf school, creativity is nurtured. They’re given ample time to develop self-expression through painting or drawing, playing games or songs, and telling stories.

The program you choose will strongly influence your child’s learning and communication style in their formative years. It’ll also serve as a foundation to prepare them for higher-level education. Get in touch with THE Children’s Academy. Their preschool and extended care in Franklin, TN, and Spring Hill locations offer early education programs that’ll help enrich your child’s unique mind.