Safe. Healthy. Loving.

Children learn best when they are secure and happy.
At THE Children’s Academy, we seek first to provide that
security through a SAFE, HEALTHY and LOVING environment.
Our goal is to help each child find their own security so they are
best prepared to learn.


Safe. Healthy. Loving.

We support this secure environment with a high
quality educational experience. To validate this
we voluntarily participate in the National Accreditation
Commission (NAC) accreditation
and the Tennessee
3 Star quality assessment.


Safe. Healthy. Loving.

Your child’s happiness is paramount to your peace of mind.
We work with you as extended family to make each child feel
safe, healthy, loved and eager to learn.

Welcome to the

Children’s Academy

We believe that the years between infancy and kindergarten are the foundations of a lifetime of successful learning. Research shows that most of the brain’s actual physical growth occurs during the first two years of life and children learn best through play and “hands on” experiences in an environment rich with learning opportunities.

Stability of faculty is a key component to a child’s feeling of security.  Children love a routine that they know and know will be followed – that is their security.  Visit a preschool classroom and they can tell you what comes next and just how to do it!  THE Children’s Academies are blessed to have long time faculty –  many 5, 10 or 20 years and one who recently celebrated 25 years loving and teaching our children.   This stability also affords our families confidence that their children are well cared for and allows them to work or take care of other responsibilities with peace of mind.

Thank you for your interest in our nationally accredited, 3 star, kindergarten preparatory programs.

Please come visit and see how we are growing lifelong learners in our community!


“My daughter began going to The Children’s Academy when she was 3 years old. She is now 5 and just completed the Pre-Kindergarten program at The Children’s Academy. I tell everyone I know about this school, their wonderful teachers and staff and the great programs they have to offer. My husband and I feel truly blessed to have found this school. They show me on a regular basis how much they really care about my daughter.”

Jenny and Bo Clarke

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